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All Ages, All Races Zolalove By Fifi Beauty Products

Updated: Nov 19

Fifi, she is the face of the business name Zolalove By Fifi, skin and hair beauty products for everyone that loves beauty!

She is originally from Congo DRC, and she grew up in London, but now she lives in the Beautiful Manchester.

She is a wife and a mother of 3 boys. For over 12 years She worked as special needs teaching assistant for children on the autism spectrum which she loved!

But her passion was always on making beauty products at home with no chemicals, all-natural ingredients.

Her business name is extraordinary quality Zola the name of her mum, which means in her language LOVE. Her mum is the greatest inspiration behind her business.

Her mum was an exceptional, phenomenal, and one of a kind woman.

At Zolalove By Fifi, she produces fantastic skin and hair product for all skin and hair needs JUST AS YOU WISH!

She aims to use natural ingredients to create products that are a pleasure to use and reflect her values of sustainable living.

She only uses Organic Natural Ingredients, no chemicals instead with Love just as God and nature intended!!!

She developed a range of beauty products such as BodyButters, BodyAndFaceOils, HairOils, BodyScrubs, Soaps, HairPomades, and so much more...

She uses the best quality organic ingredients and continuously seeking alternatives to mass-produced, chemical-based components. Her motto is if we can't pronounce it, if we can't put it in our mouths then we're not putting it on our skin or hair.

Check ut her Amazing product line https://www.instagram.com/p/CDbWiQaH76D/?igshid=fwyld3e5fwei

Contact Zolalove By Fifi

WhatsApp: 07459176803

Instagram: zolalovebyfifi22

Facebook: zolalovebyfifi

She will be happy to help you the best way!!!

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