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Believe In Yourself And You Will Be Unstoppable

When you want something that you do not believe is possible when you hold a desire for something that you do not expect although strong enough desire can override a weaker belief it does not unfold easily, for you are not allowing it into your current experience.

When you know that you want something and you notice that you do not have it, you assume that there is something outside of yourself that is keeping it from you, but that is never true. The only thing that ever prevents your receiving something that you desire is that your habit of thought is different from your desire.

There is nothing that you or anyone else has ever wanted that exists for any other reason than that you think you will feel better in the achieving of it. Once you consciously identify your current state of emotion, it becomes easier for you to understand whether you are choosing thoughts that move you closer to your desired destination. If you make the improved feeling or emotion you real destination, then anything and everything that you want will quickly follow.

As you imagine and visualize and verbalize your new story, in time you will believe the new story, and when that happens, the evidence will flow swiftly into a thought you continue to think; and when your belief matches your desire, then your desire must become your reality.

Trust and know that you are guided and on the path toward higher awareness and consciousness. There is no event or situation in your life that does not serve a higher purpose in your life. When we have a higher perspective, we can see how each moment and experience is key in our evolution as souls.

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