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How To Break The Habit Of Judging Others And Complaining

Complaining about things can damage your productivity, health, and life in general. People who complain about almost everything consistently are disposed to poor health, have shorter and less satisfying romantic relationships, and tend not to do well at the workplace.

We daily choose between belief and unbelief. Belief is characterized by faith and the joy that comes from faith, while unbelief is characterized by an ill temper, judging of others, and complaining.

Judging others can decrease our happiness. It is always easy for us to condemn others that we often become unaware that we are doing it. We think about things our spouses, children or friends do that we do not like. They may be small flaws, but when we focus on their imperfections, each thought drains away part of our joy. When we dwelling on the good in others leaves there is no room for our complaining. Our grumbling, anxiety, and unhappiness are encouraged by the fallen, broken world in which we live. These things may seem to be a normal, natural part of being human, but they are not what we are designed for.

Every organ of the body thrives on joy, not unhappiness. We are designed for joy and in eternity. The results of everything we do depend on our attitude. While people notice what we do, they are more likely to observe our attitude. Be it good or bad.

Complain is a habit that most people are not aware of. Like all habits, complaining becomes familiar and it tends to be invisible. Most people find that complaining is a good conversation starter, and it also seeks validation for their beliefs.

Complaining reinforces your negative thoughts. The more you complain, the more you attract the negative thoughts about the thing that you’re complaining about. When you complain, you’re creating a map of what you perceive reality to be. Doing this makes you dwell on negative thoughts and supports things that you don’t like. Complaining also hinders you from taking action.

Complain can give reasons to delay things and keep you from achieving your goals. Complaining is much easier to do than to find a solution to the problem.

People also complain to avoid responsibility, they are at high risk of being trapped in a negative reality, which gives them more things to complain about. People who are constant complainers have endless reasons for their circumstances. They often say “I always have bad luck”, or “Life is unfair”. People who always complain feel that their circumstances are unfortunate and beyond their control. However, this is not true. Their mindset on things needs an update as they have created their reality agreeing to their negative thoughts.

Although complaining is a negative attitude, it doesn’t make you a bad person. It just puts you in a situation where you cannot live an exceptional lifestyle.

Ways you can stop this habit of complaining

Complaining is one of the biggest ingredients that will make you lose your self-esteem and courage. It takes away your confidence and makes doing things more difficult. Fortunately, there are ways you can stop this habit and manage your way of thinking.

Be Aware Of What You Complain About

The first step to breaking this habit is to be aware of when you complain. Commit to observing yourself for the next twenty-four hours and when you realize that you begin to complain about something to someone, stop it.

Taking Responsibility Of The Negative Thoughts

Taking responsibility is another step to breaking this habit. Taking responsibility doesn’t mean that you have to beat yourself up. It simply means that you are aware of the negative thoughts in your mind and you want to make it clear that those thoughts are not you. They are only thoughts. When you accept that you create those thoughts, you can change them.

Focus on Your Goals

When you find yourself complaining, take time to observe your complaint and think of the reason why you are doing it. What is it that you are trying to achieve by complaining?

Once you learn these things, you can learn how to replace your negative thoughts with positive alternatives. When the things that you want are clear to you, finding solutions becomes easy. You can determine the right actions to take.

Practice believing

Unbelief cultivates an ill temper and complaining, but belief brings joy. When we believe that difficult situations will bring us happiness, our faith grows.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.

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