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How To Overcome Challenges And Obstacles

If you have ever faced anything in your life that you had no choice but to overcome, you will have found strengths that you didn’t know you had. Those strengths you gain form your character and transform you into someone greater than you were before.

The number-one thing people gain from challenges is not the stuff they get, but who they become. When you face a challenge and you overcome that challenge, you have greater faith in yourself, you have greater faith in your abilities, you have greater trust of God, and you can do something even bigger. Overcoming obstacles is perhaps the greatest gift, far greater than the stuff that you get. Because that’s something that can’t ever be taken from you. No matter what challenging situation you may find yourself in, imagine the best outcome and feel it! When you do, you will change the circumstances, and you will change the situation into what you want! 

Challenges and obstacles are tough for all of us when we’re first confronted by them, but they’re only tough while you haven’t found the solution and the way to overcome them.

You are never given an obstacle or challenge that you do not have the ability to overcome. Never. In fact, the bigger the obstacles and challenges you face, the bigger your success will be, and the closer you are to achieving it. From challenges and obstacles we gain a full education, and it’s part of our success. So many times in life things have happened, my life has been full of challenges. Life didn’t go the way I wanted to, but through it I realized: each challenge was a meaningful coincidence, and opened a door to a bigger opportunity. There are things in life that are going to happen, but these will be lessons that take you on to your ultimate reward.

Challenges and obstacles present all of us with the opportunity to grow and improve and learn, and step outside of our comfort zone and experience what life truly has to offer. The purpose of challenges and obstacles on our journey in life is to prepare us with the qualities and abilities we will need to maintain our dream when it comes true.

When you have a purpose and you’re following your dream, obstacles and challenges don’t seem as difficult or as hard as they do when you have no purpose at all. Even if you try to hide from life you will still face challenges and obstacles. Once you go through a series of heartaches, challenges, upside-downs, capsizing, whatever, you always come out the better because of the tremendous self-confidence you  gained. You earn your self-esteem when you really step up and embrace the challenge, and when you overcome that challenge. 

We hinder ourselves from being successful when we give up from facing rejection, challenges. One of the keys to becoming successful at anything is to be prepared for a lot of rejection, challenges don’t let it affect you. A lot of people aren’t prepared when they start something, and they figure they’re a failure and it stops them. 

So challenges and obstacles are preparation for our success.

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