How we Started With Our Business Rundestiny

I want to tell you a little bit about why we started our business Rundestiny. It didn't happen overnight. Our business Rundestiny has taught us a lot about courage, patient, perseverance, and test our level of fear.

At the time I remember thinking this won't be useful, but here we are 1 year now we are expert in personalising customers favourite garment to reflect special occasion to meet their style. We create beautiful quality embroidery that is a long-lasting product. Personalise gift's like mugs customised printing service and more.

My business partner used to unpick cloth when asked by his mum until that seed grew into something amazing today. I have watched my mother practised the ancient art form of Batik a method of African wax printing.

I got to know my business partner through work, we decided to collaborate on creating speciality apparel, personalised clothes that are not commonly formed in the larger retail market.

We have far more in common than that which divides us, would you agree?

I know that our customers have one main thing in common to get their dream design created to reality. They might have a different design idea but they all want the great result of the finishing product as they imagine it to be. And that's what our product and service give them, we connect with our customers who are ready to move to the next step with us.

An easy way to get bespoke tailoring for that special occasion, to find fashionable shoes, accessories, bags, beauty products personalised gifts idea to make life easy.

People at the beginning of their customer journey with us want to buy from us online or use our one of our service. Embroidery, tailoring or personalised service but worry if we will provide the right service, the products will meet their expectation. If we are the right online store to buy from. I know how that feels. Sometimes I have my credit card at the point of buying, things online, I just can't bring myself to punch in those numbers and click "Buy"

As we all know, 2020 was a period of uncertainty and change. Pretty much everyone across the world has experienced difficulties.

And with these changes and uncertainty, as human beings, we’ve all become more risk-averse. We’re more fearful and less likely to take risks. Even a bit more sceptical about things than we were before.

In the year 2020, we could not go further with the business, we could not see that the business is going anywhere, so we had to close our online store. Covid has thought us to learn to create certainty in an uncertain time. We asked ourselves how do we create an uncertain future and create certainty from it?

2021 we decided to prepare our business for a comeback Rundestiny. We could see our dreams better than it is, not worse than it is. We decided that we are going to find a better way, we are going to make it happen. Once we start seeing Rundestiny better than it is we started to work hard to make it happen. We are so thankful for the results effort, time and response from customers, family friends when we started back again.

We had a clear mind on why we started Rundestiny, what we want and what we can bring to the world with strong enough reason. We want to serve in this world to be in service. We launched the Original Bai Salone Freestyle ladies & gent bespoke collection which is doing very well.

We believe that all the time and effort we put into our business Rundestiny is worth it, we started small by taking massive action. We believe in the creativity that our creator has given us to take action even when it is uncomfortable. We have the courage even when we are afraid sometimes but we do it anyway, that how we build the confidence to keep on growing. We are thankful for the challenges and experience we gain the past years. We believe in being a blessing in someone's life.

We are learning to live with fear and trust God while being on the journey to meet success. We started to build Rundestiny in November 2019, with fear and lots of doubt. We got to know that, the timing to start working on our dreams will never be perfect, challenges and setbacks will always come in our way, all the money we need to start the business was not there, but we keep going. We decided instead to learn to live with the threat of failure instead of living to be a slave to failure.

The story we most of the time told ourselves makes it worst than it is because we were so afraid to be disappointed, we wanted everything to be so perfect. We were so afraid what about if we tried this and it doesn't work. Afraid of failing is the deepest feeling everybody has and the feeling that we are not skilled to start our own business. We had this dream the goal to start the business at the same time we are talking ourselves up that we don't even know where to start, we don't have the skill, we don't have the capability, we are not creative enough no one is going to listen to us, use our service or buy my products, we have got nothing to give to the world, we are not salespeople, we not a

tech-guru enough all this limited believes was building up during the starting of the business.

I was asking myself who I'm I to do this? we are not one of those creative designers. Upon all this small talk in our mind, but there is one thing we were certain of the want to make a difference. How can we do that? We were so worried about how I can go wrong starting Rundestiny we almost start talking to ourselves not to start the business Rundestiny.

We are so thankful that we also talk ourselves out of that mindset. We don't need to be someone else, we don't need to be perfect, we don't need to come from a family that already has a strong established in this field. I believe we all have a gift that has been given to us by our creator we have learned that life is an incredible teacher, life has thought us a lesson that when we focus on the fear and let that have power over us we will never get started. Sometimes we are so worried about what people will think about us that we refuse to work towards our dreams. We can imagine myself doing something different and can picture the person we wanted to be but we are scared to bring that person out to the world. Most of the time, we are scared about our love once we think, our friends will think we can't do this start a business. Are they going to laugh that we want to do something different in our life? or are they going to support us? We let the fear about what other people may or may not think letting it hold us back from our dreams.

In the starting the thought of failure makes me want to hide. Often we don't let ourselves change or transform because we worry that people will call us impostor, unqualified, we have no right to start our own business and even the name Rundestiny. But the truth is if you look at anyone who has made a difference in this world, they step ahead regardless of what people will say. If failure was a bad thing many successful people would have given up a long time before they meet success.

Who are we to do this?, what have we done that makes us qualified to start our business call Rundestiny. The truth is who are we not to do this? Even when I don't have all the answers, we don't have a perfect life, but we decided to start Rundestiny anyway. If we fail, it is not us that fails it is the business that fails, it's not personal. Failure prepares us for the heavyweight of success. We want to use up our life gifts and skills that the creator God gave us to the best of our ability. Even when we mess up we will keep on showing up with a pure heart. We will take the gift that God gave us and use every single gift. The mess that we have been through in life, that was hard and heartbreaking to make it through, we got healed and we figure it out to make it through, and we decided that we are going to keep on and make this work.

We want to find a different way to help other people through our products and services. Most people that have made it through in life did not have it easy, in fact, most of these people have been through a very disturbing hard life, but they did not see difficult times as they can not be moved. We all have a gift to share with the world, we can all make a difference even to just change one person's life, to impact one person's path because we are all unique in a different way. What will inspire me most is to see the transformation in our lives. We accept that life was not supposed to be easy.

If someone tells you that it is easy to start a new business the entrepreneurship then it is a lie, that life was supposed to be easy is a lie, that anybody can do things easily is a lie. The best thing we can do to help other people that want to start as an entrepreneur is to show the messy part of the process before the success and the good part. Every success has a back story you can not see. The highs and the lows. Our failure is an investment, through the mess in life we can become better, stronger and wiser for the journey.

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