Why It's Important To Love Yourself Unconditionally.

Not Only For The Sun Shining Day It's easy to at least like yourself when: you have just made the perfect dinner, your hair is absolutely awesome, you catch the thing you dropped before it lands, you slam dunk your work and personal projects, your laugh fills up the room etc and you have every right to, but to truly love yourself unconditionally you must also give your self credit when the bad time's roll as well! 

Loving yourself during Challenging times. When you mess up the recipe. When the lost socks clog the dryer. You text the wrong person by mistake, you say the wrong thing when there's a zit on the tip of your nose. Your cowlick won't lay down. You’re exhausted. Anxiety abounds. You can't sleep. You're afraid of nightmares. You have the restless legs. Sand and grit in your sheets. You missed all your favourite shows. You procrastinate. Your immune system is weakened by the stress and you pick up a bug. You're all snotty and crusty and you need a hug, but you don't want to make anyone else sick. You consider having some junk food as a pick-me-up, but your sense of taste is so diminished that you wouldn't enjoy it anyway.

You deserve love all the time Because You are worthy

You are a magnificent person in this world. You are absolutely an inherently worthy spiritual being having a hilarious glorious scary messy precious human experience. Just by being here, you have won. No matter what happens in every moment, it fulfils your destiny. The past exists only in memory, and the future exists only in imagination. The present is the only time that exists or has ever existed. Don't ask what time it is. The time is now, it has always been now, and it will always be now. You are here.

Why is Really So Important For Unconditional Love?

It's a safety net that your gift to yourself. It lets you know that you have your own back. Unconditionally. It lets you know without a doubt that your worthiness is not dependent upon your success. It permits and empowers you to go out and try new things in new ways, with the assurance that you have nothing to lose. You'll still be right there for yourself regardless of the outcome. It allows you to reconsider some of the prepackaged cause and effect correlations that you've previously been handed and have accepted without question. For example, is it possible that happiness causes success, instead of success causing happiness? Recognizing and knowing the true nature of yourself. Accepting that true nature. Being who you truly are. This is the definition of owning your life and steering it in the direction you want, toward the target that you choose. And you only need permission from yourself.


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