The Power Of Happiness

Every day there are many opportunities for us to choose either unhappiness or joy. Happiness or a sense of contentment is something that everyone wants to have. Happiness is not something that money can buy, on one side there might be a successful person having lots of money but struggles to find happiness whereas on the other side there is a poor person who is earning less but still lives happily along with his family.

There are a few things I will not think about if I want to have joy because these things decrease my health and joy, things like anger, resentment, hatred, worry. Life is too short to waste any time thinking about these things. Time is too precious for us to waste. You may think that you have so many reasons to be unhappy that it is too difficult to ignore all of them. Try believing that somehow God will use at least one of your problems to accomplish something good. Each time you turn thought of unhappiness into one of joy, it will be easier to transform another one. I will remember some of the things that once devastated my peace of mind. Gradually, my attitude toward these things changed. With each victory, I found myself better prepared to face greater and more difficult challenges. So, start where you can. Be victorious when you can. Keep moving forward. I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. Most of us have not matured to the level of being content whatever the circumstances. Most of the time our happiness does not depend on our circumstances. God is in charge of our life when He wants us out of any situation He will take us out. When He wants our situation to be changed, He will change it. When He wants us to do something, He will help us do it. Believing this gives us a spirit of contentment, even joy. We don't have to suffer the intense pain and difficulties if we can learn how to be content in even one difficult circumstance, we will understand the secret of living in joy. Joy gives us the strength to stand, and we can only draw that joy from God. He is our source. After all, joy is our secret weapon.

Few powerful point you might take into consideration to create your happiness Do all your best to remain positive in every situation Positivity is the most important point to keep in mind to maximize happiness. If you remain positive and send out positive vibes to the universe it will reflect positivity to us. The positive mind tends to increase happiness and well-being. It does take a lot of practice and courage to confront your fears and eliminate their power to form control over you but, once you are through your fears you are unconquerable. Do good without expecting anything in return Whether you give service, money, love, your time, any item of your own you should always feel like you have plenty to giveaway. The most important thing for us to remember from giving is to make someone else's life better and happening. It's is narrow -minded to give someone and then expect to get it back from them. The law of the universe, when you give something to someone with all your love and positivity, you will receive better things from the world in some-way or the other. Stope worry about things from the past and live in the moment Why worry about things from the past? since you can't change anything that happened in your past therefore, there is no point indulging yourself into rotational thinking and waste your time. Live in the moment and enjoying your life with your family and friends will give you the utmost pleasure and also the strength and motivation to perform well in the future. We can find happiness in small things I believe if you want to achieve something in life which will make you happy you should go forward and chase it. Treat yourself for the achievement that you make throughout the day.

Life is a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

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