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Ways To Take Control Of Your Thought

Happy thought work on us like medicine when we dwell on them.  An unhappy trained mind does not want to be controlled by faith. You can guide your thought focus on your attention on the person you want to become. You can decide that you will rejoice in whatever comes to you. Our thoughts might lift us to a happiness that is beyond anything we have yet experienced.  When we believe that someone loves us, we naturally became happy.  Thought that produce joy and better health are not easy to maintain. Our mind is an expert in encouraging unhappy thoughts.  Most of the time we spend our life thinking of things we are unhappy about, they may be small things, but those things add up. 

Take control over your mind.

We must learn to bring every thought into captivity.  You have the choice of whether to entertain or listen to what comes into your head. "If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm" -African Proverb. Our mind deceiver us sometimes. 

Stop the lies our mind makes us believe.

You see some specific thought that plays over and over in our mind,  they produce physical pain in the heart, like a queasy sensation in the pit of your stomach, tighten in the throat, tears in your eyes.  "If only" thoughts such as, "if only I had done that." "If only I had been there " If only I would have said something." Self-punishment thought "No one cares about me" "I'm such a failure." "I 'm  no good." "Nothing I do turns outright."

You are not your mind. You are more than what you think. Your thinking always tries to gain control of you.  Life has much suffering, but too often we suffer unnecessarily because of lies we believe about ourselves and our circumstances.  We can become fearful, beaten down, worried, depressed, lonely, angry, doubtful, confused, insecure, hopeless and full of self-pity. All because we accept the lie we believe our mind tells us. We can overcome each lies with faith.

Be careful about how you choose your thought.

Yo do have a choice about what you will accept into your mind and what you want.  You can choose to take every thought captive or allow your thought to feed you lies and control your life. If you don't take control of your mind, your mind will take control of you. 

That's why you must be the diligent monitor of what you allow into your mind. 

What TV shows you watch, magazines and books you read, music, and radio programs.

What you feed your mind can be peaceful, and bless or deplete you and leave you feeling empty, confused, anxious and fearful.  

Your thoughts will try to convince you that your future is hopeless, that you are a failure with no purpose, value, gift or abilities. You don't have to live with confusion or mental oppression.  Have faith, pray, meditate and ask for clarity to discern those lies the mind tells you. You want to bring every thought captive and control your mind.  You refuse to listen to the lie your mind feeds you, talk yourself out of it, ask your self questions about this thought if they make sense.  You don't have to live confusion or mental oppression.  You lay claim to the "sound mind" that you have.

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